Dirk Verwoerd

Dirk Verwoerd works since 1982 year as an independent professional photographer. Formerly under the name Verwoerd Photography and in 1994, when he got more staff and started with video, web design and multimedia, under the name of Lighthouse Productions. Initially he worked as a commercial photographer for several advertising agencies and major retailers. After a few years he was granted to work for KLM, the Royal Dutch Airlines. which made him able to combine his studio work with travel photography. He travelled all over the world and got inspired by various cultures. His photography for KLM didn’t remain unnoticed: For years he made presentations for the travel agency ‘Himalaya Trekking Wandelreizen’, which journeys took him to the far corners of the world.

Dirk Verwoerd: “Although travel photography will always be close to my heart, throughout the years architectural photography has become my specialty. The last 20 years I’ve been working for several renown architecture offices, constructors, suppliers and housing corporations in the Netherlands, Belgium and wherever my assignments require me to go.“