Architecture is one of the most beautiful professions: having the ability to envision space, matter, purpose and light. Sitting down and realising all the ideas on paper. Once behind a drawing table, nowadays more and more behind a computer to translate what’s in your mind to a high-quality three dimensional design. After the refinement and completion of the concept, you can present your definite creation to the principal. The lights turn green and hence, your creation becomes reality.

Time for some fresh air, drinking coffee from a plastic cup, negotiations with the subcontractor and seeing the ‘tough construction workers’ establishing your design from the ground. That what first was solely an idea, has now become tangible. Can’t think of anything more fulfilling than that!


Photography, also a beautiful profession: to capture that what is created by either man or nature. Although a lot has become easier with digital photography, in essence nothing has changed. Thinking from large to small; from small to large; from three- to two-dimensional. Waiting for that perfect sunbeam, that one cloud or the right person at the right spot to capture the proportions. How do I surprise the architect? How can I give justice to his creation? Photography is a profession full of challenges and it works!

The pictures of your projects are often the first impressions people get from your company, so better make sure you have pictures an images of high quality, so they leave a lasting impression on your target group.